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Author of Adventure Capitalist and Hot Commodities Jim Rogers discusses the commodity bull market ahead.

Famed Author Jim Rogers

This interview aired on PBS Friday, January 7, 2005 on the program "Wall Street Week with FORTUNE"

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Commodity Education & Futures Education

Commodity Education Booklets-Resources

Language of Commodities Futures Industry

An Introduction to the Language of the Futures Industry - National Futures Association. FREE (size57.3kb)

Introductory guide for commodity futures Speculators

Trading in Futures: An Introduction for Speculators - Fundamentals of commodity speculation, the mechanics of the futures market, and trading techniques incorporating fundamental and technical analysis. FREE (size2.59mb)

Hedge Your Portfolio Using Index Stock Futures

Hedge Your Portfolio Using Index Stock Futures. FREE (size578kb)

Action in the Commodity Futures Marketplace

Action in the Marketplace - Provides an overview of the history of the CBOT, describes the workings of the market, and explains how commodity futures contracts are traded. FREE (size3.8mb)


Commodity Futures Education

 Understanding Futures Quotes
 History of Futures
 Technical Analysis Terms
 Intro to Fundamental Analysis
 Commodity Futures Contract Specs
 Futures Trading Hours
 Commodity Order Types
 Understanding Commodity Futures
 Understanding Commodity Options
  Commodity Futures Fundamentals
 ...Why Your Portfolio Needs Them!

trading interest rate futures

Getting started trading CME interest rate futures. Financial futures and the importance of futures in transferring financial risk. FREE (size1.07mb)

Currency Futures and Commodity Options

Currency Futures and Commodity Options - Provides an overview of the broad range of currency futures and commodity options contracts offered by NYBOT's FINEX division. FREE (size139KB)

Continuous Commodity Index CCI

Continuous Commodity Index (CCI) , represents the ninth revision of the original Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) Index. The CCI Index consists of 17 commodity futures prices. FREE (size4.02mb)

NYMEX Energy Complex

NYMEX Energy Complex. NYMEX Energy Complex. Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Natural Gas, Unleaded Gasoline, Coal and Electricity futures contracts.FREE (size1.51mb)

understanding basis in commodity futures

Understanding Basis - use basis in commodity futures to make cash price projections, setting minimum and maximum prices for commodities, and understanding basis as alternative to price risk. FREE (size732KB)

Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice FCOJ

Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice (FCOJ) -- true "weather market commodity" -- is especially sensitive to weather conditions in Florida and Brazil as the 2004-2005 hurricane seasons reaffirmed. FREE (size578kb)

Agricultural Commodities for the Beginner

Agricultural Futures for the Beginner - Describes applications of futures contracts for those new to commodity markets. Examples of using commodity options, hedging and speculation. FREE (size53.1KB)

Sugar Futures and Sugar Commodity Options

Sugar Futures and Commodity Options - This brochure serves as an overview of the Sugar futures and options markets the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) Free (size4.58mb)

Commodity Education Futures Education

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 Options on Commodity Futures, Guide

Options on Commodity Futures, an Introductory Guide. FREE (size285kb)

Commodity Futures Hand signals

Hand signals – the sign language of futures trading – the system of communication on the futures trading floor. FREE (size453kb)

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Commodity Futures Tutorial

CBOT AG Futures TutorialAgricultutural Futures Tutorial

Tour the NYBOTCommodity Futures Exchange Tour

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